CORGI (operative cards)

Should you want to take on a project in your home of a DIY nature, you will need to consider quite a few things before you begin. There are rules and regulations regarding the work that is carried out with things like gas and electricity supplies, for obvious reasons of which the main one being safety of your and others lives. If you employ a professional to do the work, they must be what is known as a CORGI registered gas fitting operative. Kingston Plumbers are Corgi registered. So before anything happens they must prove to you that they are by showing proof of the operative’s identity in relation to the work that they are going to do in your home. The operative will always carry and display a CORGI credit card sized proof of his identity. This card will also display his or her photo so there is no misunderstanding. Should there be any doubt in your mind , you can always confirm their details by calling CORGI on 0870 401 2300 or you can, if you have an internet connection, log onto

The rear of the CORGI card will display the fields of gas work that this particular operative is allowed to carry out, so make sure he can do what you want. A Kingston Plumber can work on all domestic appliances. Lets say for instance your domestic gas fire requires servicing, then you must look at the back of the workers card and check that gas fires are listed. If so they can continue. If you find that an operative is working without registration you should report them to CORGI as there may be endangering the lives of others. If they do not produce this card then you do not let them do the work.

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