Balance a radiator circuit

You need.

Clip-on thermometer. This item can be hired from most reputable tool hire company, you definitely need this to record the temperatures. If you are not confident call a professional plumber.

For this process you need to switch off the central heating boiler and of course now wait until the system is cool enough to allow the work to commence, as balancing cant be done when the radiators are hot. A Kingston Plumber can balance heating systems.

Now turn each pair of valves on the radiators on for the whole system (you will need a spanner for the lockshield valve). Next you need to fire up the boiler and as the heat progresses through the system you must go around the circuit and work out the order in which the radiators heat up, make a list of the order. You will need help if you have many radiators. This part of the job is very time consuming and requires you to be methodical.When you have done this you will need to cool the system. Then fire up again and then from your list go to the 1st radiator and close the lockshield valve and reopen ¼ of a turn, taking the temperature with the clip on thermostat (Kingston Plumbers use portable thermostats for domestic use) from the flow and return pipes just below the valves. Carry on making these adjustments to every radiator in turn until you have done them all. If you are right, the valves say, on radiator number three will be slightly more open than those on radiator number two, and so on, to the point where the valve on the last radiator in line will be almost full on. However once this is complete it will make a great difference to your heating, making it efficient.

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