Types of Bathroom Taps

There are numerous types of taps are available in the market. The main four types of bathroom taps are as follows:
Disc Taps
Cartridge Taps
Compression Taps
Ball Taps
Ball Tapss
Ball Taps are quite common in the market and utterly easy to understand and identify. One can easily figure out if a tap is a ball tap by looking at its handle. If a tap has one slab with a ball at the base it is a ball tap. Ball taps are traditional taps Because of this reason; they can leak more often than newer taps models.

Disc Taps
Disc faucets are similar in semblance to ball taps however, there is a great notable difference between ball taps and Disc Taps both taps have different functionality and performance. Disc taps have one handle that is connected to the base of the spout. It has a cylindrical shaped body, which rotate from side to side when it turned on. These cylindrical discs are used to control the flow of cold and hot water. These taps are more reliable and have a modern design.

Cartridge Taps
Cartridge taps have a modern stylish look and are very durable. Cartridge taps come in two different varieties. One of the most common type is Handled cartridge tap which is easy to identify. It has one handle that is used to maintain the water temperature. Its handle is also used to push down and pull up water volume. Cartridge taps with two handles are easy to move smoothly and evenly.

Compression Faucets
Like Cartridge Taps Compression taps also have two handles. Compression taps are an older model of taps in the market while there are modernized versions of the basic design. Compression taps are prone to a variety of problems.

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