Shower Choices

When you are choosing a new shower, there are quite a few things to consider. For example, do you want a power, mixer etc. The first thing to is to be very practical in your choice, like what boiler do you have and what is the water pressure like, if other family members are using the water at the same time. To get the best from your new shower, you should also consider how powerful you need the water flow to feel and the design to match your decor. Kingston Plumbers can supply and fit all types of showers. Here are some ideas for consideration: The Digital Shower supplies its water by a using a small processing box that can mix the hot and cold feed and produce the correct temperature thermostatically. This guarantees that thewater stays constant if someone opens a tap elsewhere in the home. The box is hidden away. All you see is a flat digital control panel. A Kingston Plumber is fully qualified. The Electric Shower works by using an electrical element, it only needs a cold water supply. This is warmed by electrical heating elements situated in the unit. The bigger the kilowatt rating, the more powerful the shower, though the force of its spray can weaken in really cold weather when the incoming colder mains water will take longer to heat up. The Power Shower is the same as a thermostatic mixer, but, it has an electric pump built in to boost the rate of flow. A great choice if you have low water pressure in your home, however, the pump can only be used with a gravity fed system. The Thermostatic Mixer has a manual thermostat that controls the temperature to within 2°C of the setting, even if someone is using water in the home at the same time. It can be fitted over a bath or in its own cubicle.

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