Plumbers Terms

An airlock is air that finds its way into a pipe system and stops the water from flowing as it cannot get past. This happens quite regularly in gravity-fed hot water systems where the pressure is not strong enough to move the air out of the way. Kingston Plumbers can find and remove airlocks in pipework.

Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene is a type of plastic used widely in plumbing, especially for waste carrying pipes. Unfortunately it doesn’t like sunlight very much and can only really function if it is mixed with a UV stabilizer. So it is best to use MUPVC outdoors.

Biomass Boiler:
This is a type of boiler that burns different biological matter from recently living organisms. Things like logs, wood pellets, straw, and maize etc. are all known as biomass and are fuel for this boiler.

Captive-Plug Waste:
Instead of hanging the plug on a chain or propping it up and down with a bar, the captive-plug system keeps the plug trapped in the plughole but allows you to flip it. When flipped on edge water runs out of the basin, when flipped flat the basin can be filled. A Kingston Plumber can install all types of fittings.

A collet is a tapered collar that can clamp something into place. The most common collet in the plumbing trade is fixed to push fit fittings, push the collet down and the pipe is released, but it springs back up and the pipe is held firmly in place.

End-Feed Fittings:
The cheapest form of plumbing fittings, which works by applying solder to the end of editing and letting it run into the fitting to form a watertight seal.

Heat Pumps:
Average is a type of heat pump. It uses pressure refrigerant liquids and gases to move heat from one place to another, often magnifying the heat gain or loss at the same time. Modern the pumps can be used to heat the home very effectively.

The tundish is an open, cup-shaped gap between two vertical pipes, where an air gap is required. It is a safety device that indicates when water is running through the pipework connected to one or more safety valves.”

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