Handling a blocked toilet in Kingston

Just like many other areas, you can find yourself face to face with a blocked toilet Kingston. When this is the case, you need to find a solution that lasts. This is due to the fact that the toilet is a very important item that is found within the house. You should do everything to bring it back it to its normal state. Knowing the do’s and don’ts actually helps you to do it right and avoid messing the whole place up.

Major surgery in the toilet
The most basic methods to apply are a plunger and an auger. However, at times things may be so complicated that the two methods do not work at all.
If the clog resists every little effort that you make, then you may have to actually take the toilet apart. This is a job that can take a few hours due to the fact that you need to:
Unhook the water supply and turn it off
Disassemble the toilet
Unscrew it from the mounting ring

When you do this, the chances of successfully dealing with the problem can be quite high. You should buy a new wax ring and bolds for mounting so as to reseal the base of the toilet correctly to the ring.
If the other drains within the home are also plugged or if water comes through them, it means that the issue could be in the main drainpipes. These areas aren’t that easy to reach. For such clogs, you may have to call in a professional plumber who will know how to go about the whole issue at hand. Even though this may cost you money, the plumber will be able to bring sanity back to the bathroom even where a major blockage is involved.

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