Fit a Tap (garden)

Before you star, here are the things you will need:

Bib tap (wall fixing tap).



15 mm copper pipe


Note: If you have not attempted anything like this before, take some advice from someone who has, or seek the services of a professional plumbing service as they will give you a guarantee.

A garden tap is a really handy thing to have. It saves you from having to transport water from inside the house to your garden and also means that you no longer have to run cumbersome hoses through your kitchen (you get the picture). Having one fitted gives the outside its very own water supply for, example, filling the paddling pool. A Kingston Plumber can fit an outside tap.

Next cut into the rising main pipework and fit the T-piece, from which you will need to fit a small length of flexible hose, then the stopcock, then the non-return valve, and the drain cock using compression joints. Make sure that you follow the direction of flow arrows that are usually marked on valves etc. Feeding from the drain cock, you will need to run the copper pipe through the wall and connect it to the bib tap. The tap then should be secured to the wall. Kingston Plumbers will fit any outside plumbing expertly. Finally, pack the hole in the wall with material like roof insulation or even expandable foam having first checked that all the joints that you have made are dry. Use a good quality sealant around the hole to finish the job. Turn the water on and test both for flow and any leaks.

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